viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

La reaparición de Juan José Padilla

 La reaparición de Juan José Padilla ha despertado tanto interés y curiosidad en el mundo, que hasta el gran rotativo americano The New York Times le publica una entrevista. En el artículo, firmado por Raphael Minder, el torero cuenta cuáles han sido los motivos que le han llevado a reaparecer este domingo día 5 en Olivenza, muy poco tiempo después de su grave percance en Zaragoza.

MADRID — Five months after surviving a horrifying goring, Juan José Padilla, one of Spain’s leading bullfighters, wears a patch over his left eye and cannot chew any food, even after a series of surgeries to reconstruct part of his face.
But his recovery is startling for a man who was last seen in images shown around the world stumbling out of a bullring, holding his bloodied face and screaming, “I can’t see!” as his shocked fans looked on.
Mr. Padilla will take a further step on Sunday, when he will re-enter the ring in the western town of Olivenza, making a comeback at a speed that has stunned the rest of the bullfighting profession.

“Sunday will feel like a dream come true, after some very hard months, and I’m fully aware that nobody thought I would be back now,” he said.

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